Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Organic chemistry deals with the branch of chemistry that helps in the studies of the Structure, Chemical reactions, Properties and Reactors of Organic Compounds, which also being contains structures like carbon-carbon covalent bonds and also study of the structure defines their structural formulas. These types of properties also includes Physical and Chemical properties. These evaluations of chemical reactions are being to understand their behavioral structures of the components.In this type of chemistry, The Inorganic Chemistry are being typically defined as Chemical Compound that lacks Carbon–Hydrogen bonds .In this type of Compound those are not called as the Organic Compound. The studies of Inorganic Compounds are well known as the subfields of the chemistry and are being defined as the Inorganic chemistry.

•    Structure and bonding.
•    Resonance and acid-base chemistry.
•    Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups.
•    Stereochemistry.
•    Substitution and elimination reactions.
•    Alkenes and alkynes.
•    Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulfides
•    Bioinorganic Chemistry.
•    Bio-Organometallic Chemistry.
•    Ceramic Chemistry.
•    Cluster Chemistry.
•    Coordination Chemistry.
•    Organometallic Chemistry.

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