Natural Product and Biodiversity

Natural products chemistry is the metabolite of the Natural products of Plants, Animals and Microorganisms is involved in the examination of Biological Phenomena varying from Drug Mechanisms to Gametophytes Receptors and also in the Drug Metabolism in the Human Body to Protein and Enzyme Chemistry.Biodiversity is the study of the Biological Variability of existence on the planet of the Earth. It can measure as the variation of the different Genetic, Species, and Ecosystem level. Whereas the Terrestrial Biodiversity is usually much greater than the nearer to the Equator, because of that it results in the warmth in the climate and also causes high Primary Productivities

•    Amino Acids
•    Antiviral Agents
•    Betacyanins
•    Biological Products
•    Flavonoids
•    Indoles
•    Neurotoxins
•    Species Diversity
•    Ecological Diversity
•    Biodiversity Agreements
•    Human Impact
•    Conservation
•    Genetic Diversity
•    Alkaloids

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