Material Chemistry

Material Chemistry involves in the use of chemistry in the field of design & synthesis of materials within the interesting or potentially useful physical characters those are such as magnetic, optical, structural or catalytic properties. Material is a generally a substance or mixture of the substances which constitutes an object. The Materials can be either pure or impure, either living or non-living matter. Then the materials can be classified based upon their Physical properties and Chemical properties, on their Geological origin or Biological Functions


•    Electrospun Conductives 
 Nanofibers Electronics 
Organic Nanoparticles
•    Group of Carbon
•    Cryochemistry 
Metal Atoms  
•    Nanoparticles
•    Biomaterials.
Electronic materials.
•    Graphene.
•    Liquid crystals.
•    Magnetic materials.
•    Mechanical properties.
Metal–organic frameworks.
•    Optical materials

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