Green Chemistry and Renewable Resources

Green Chemistry is also known as Sustainable Chemistry. It is also used to design Chemical Products and also the procedures that are used to reduce generations of Hazardous Chemical Substances. Green chemistry is generally applicable to the life cycle of chemical products. Also including its Manufacturing, Usage, Designing, and Ultimately Disposal.The term Renewable Resources is being well defined as the Flow Resource, which is also known as a Natural Resource ,which will be Replenished or Replaced for  the portion depleted by Usage and Consumption, either through Natural Reproduction or other Recurring Processes in a fine excessive time in a human time scale. Whereas the recovery rate of resources is dislikable to forever exceed a human time scale, these are defined as the Perpetual Resources.

•    Aquatic chemistry
•    Atmospheric chemistry
•    Bioassays and immunoassay
•    Environmental measurement and monitoring
•    Environmental monitoring
•    Environmental quality parameters related to fresh water
•    Soil Chemistry
•    Pollution
•    Solar Energy
•    Wind Energy
•    Hydroelectric Energy
•    Ocean Energy
•    Geothermal Energy
•    Biomass
•    Hydrogen

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