Food Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry

Food Chemistry which is probably well known as the branch of the Chemistry,which is relatively deals with the Food chemistry, whereas the Biochemical Nature of Food, and their Properties. They are processed in the Body. It involves the Analysis of Chemical Components from the Proteins to Carbohydrates and even more. In the food chemistry, we learn how different types of Processing Techniques affect a certain type of food and also different ways to enhance the Quality of Food Production.The Agriculture Chemistry is being deals with the Compounds such as Organic chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. The Agriculture Chemistry involves with the production of Organic Products, which are being used with both the Organic Inputs and Inorganic Inputs. Thus therefore the chemistry forms an Integral Part of the agriculture from the Molecular Level to organ level.

•    Food Engineering
•    Food Fortification
•    Food Microbiology
•    Food Packaging
•    Food Preservation
•    Food Rheology
•    Food Safety
•    Food Science
•    Food Storage
•    Food Supplements
•    Food Technology
•    Agricultural biotechnology
•    Technology and sustainable agriculture best practices
•    Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation
•    Renewable energy sources and sustainable agriculture
•    Greenhouses and horticulture
•    Agricultural machinery
•    Fertilizers and chemicals


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